“The Company”

The five main elements necessary for the growth of olives are; silence, solitude, sun, rocks and drought. In addition the Burhaniye region is second most dense oxygen region in the World behind the Alps. We believe all this creates the perfect enviro...


“With the blessing of the Ida Mountain, which is the subject of legends, we sip our souls health, beauty, love. ”

Mediterranean Diet

“This is the concept reported by studies undertaken around the 1970’s by the American scientist Ancel Keys, whose results were summarized in the "Mediterranean diet". To summarize, it was demonstrated by a study conducted for 20 y...”

“%100 PURE”

Philosophy & Vision

“The story of Nelly Olive Oil begins with our ancestors from Macedonia, in the Balkans, who embraced the legends of the Ida Mountains. In the fertile soils of these mountains they discovered a wide range of olives which were found to have many...”


“Olives are carefully selected from the most healthy trees in a perfect maturity. Each olive is picked single handedly by our farm workers without losing its elegant flavor and unique ingredients and immediately subjected to cold squeeze. ”

İstanbul Office
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A. Kocacami District. Kavakdibi Main Street. No:29-9 Burhaniye / Balıkesir
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