Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin Olive Oil

The start of the season saw mild temperatures during the
summer and heavy rain at the end, which lasted until early
autumn, creating conditions favorable to olive fruit fly and
Gloeosporium olivarum disease.
It was a year of poor yields and early ripening, in which the
beginning and speed of the harvest were crucial to obtaining
this top-quality olive oil, where the olives were picked
between mid-November and late December.

Region of Olive Cultivars and Production:
Edremit, Turkey

Organoleptic: Fresh, slightly bitter and spicy.

Acidity <0,8%

Storage in cool and dark place

Shelf-life (minimum): 24 months from production

Available in 250ml e 8.4 / 500ml 16.9 fl oz / 1L e 33.8 fl oz