Naturally Fermanted Edremit Black Olive

Naturally Fermented Edremit Black Olive

Large-size olives are selected from the oil-type Edremit olives collected in our groves in November and December and they are cleaned and leached. When they are still humid, the olives are put into big size olive containers of 40 kg. Rock salt and vinegar of grapes are added in a certain amount and the cover is tightly closed. It is taken to a cool place, the olive release its hard water after a certain period of time.  The olive is left to fermentation by rotating its container once in 2-3 days in its own hard water. After about 6 months of manual labor, black olive gets ready to be eaten in its most natural form.  You may taste a slight bitterness due to the beneficial phenolic elements in the olive.
Because of their natural characteristics, our olives may seem brown when the package is opened.

Our olives do not contain any ADDITIVES and they are NOT CHEMICALLY processed.